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How much life is left in your SSD?


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SSD (solid state drives) and flash memories have various advantages over traditional hard drives, like higher speed and less weight, noise, and energy consumption. But they don't have as long a life, and you run the risk of losing all of your data if you aren't keeping track of the status of your drive.

That's why SSD Life was created: it analyzes the SSD memories on your machine and provides you with a complete description of your units from its simple interface.

You can view the memory in use, the memory available, the total time of use, the number of times that it has been turned on, and a detailed analysis of the data reading and writing that it has performed over the last few days, and over its entire life.

Finally, it gives you an estimation of how much useful life your device still has left (assuming that you continue to use your system in the same way), giving you an idea of when it will be time to retire the drive so that you don't lose your data without warning.

This is one of those apps that you won't use daily, but is very helpful to have around for when you want to review the state of your computer.
What is the average life of a hard drive?

Your hard drives are your adoptive children that you need to care for meticulously for the sake of your saved data. Although there are exceptions to every rule, you have to keep in mind that a hard drive has a limited lifespan, meaning it’s worth your time to crunch the numbers to see if your unit has lived out the useful phase of its life cycle. To check the number of operational hours left in your drive, there are programs such as CrystalDiskInfo.
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